Water Tank Truck

SINOTRUK HOWO Water Tanker Trucks for road construction ,build industry Factory price, more competitive than agent price

Product Details


1. Electrical automatic control, no need to get on and off, start and close operation, convenient

2. Front spray: there are 2 sprinklers at the front, which can be adjusted from front to rear, up and down, and the road is washed. The width is 5-10 meters.

3. After watering: there is a cylindrical sprinkler at the back, sprinkling and dust, covering the width of 14-18 meters
Antiaircraft gun: located on the operating platform, you can move in all directions, spray tall trees, emergency fire, the range of 30-40 meters

6×4 Water tanker truck

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Descriptions & Specifications



SINOTRUK HOWO Water Tank Truck


Model: ZZ1257M4641W 

Capacity: 14,000L; Before spraying and rear sprinkle , With Operating platform and water cannon

Application: Road construction water

Cabin: HW76 with one bed & A/C

Engine: WD615.87,290HP EURO II

Transmission: HW19710+HW70 PTO

Steering: ZF8118 LHD

Front axle: HF7 drum type

Rear axle: ST16

Rim/Tires: 12R22.5 , 10 pcs and 1 spare tire

Dimension: 10350*2500*3100mm

4×2 Water tanker truck

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1)  Factory price, more competitive than agent price 

2)  Quality: With SINOTRUK group inspection system, a series inspections are well done before the exportation. 

3)  Warranty:  One year or 10000k which comes to the first for the engine, gear box,  and axles.

4)  After-sales: Professional after-sales team sovle your difficult or special questions   within 2 working days or 5 working days, and all spare parts are available    for your urgent use.

5)  Transportation: Professional logistics team work with international shipping company   for your truck shipment successfuly

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