Dump Tipper Trailer

Dump Tipper Trailer

low center of gravity, high lifting force, excellent performance, reliable quality, low maintenance rate

Product Details

Rear tipper is the new type of dump semi-trailer developed by our company. It has a low center of gravity, lifting the car is not easy to roll over. The frame and carriage have obtained the national patent, and the girder adopts 14/8/16mm, which greatly increases the bearing strength. The center of gravity is reduced to 1.3-1.4 meters, which is not easy to roll over in the delivery, and at the same time, the damage of tires, plate spring and frame is reduced a lot.

The carriage adopts the mode of narrow front and wide back. According to the triangle principle, when the carriage is lifted, its center of gravity is relatively concentrated, and its side and corner lines are inclined to a certain Angle. When the side and corner lines of the big box are perpendicular to the ground, the two sides of the bottom line differ by 10 centimeters, that is, the big box will not turn over. The narrow front and back of the big box are more conducive to the unloading of the goods, which is not easy to block and even slide down the goods, so that the situation of one side down and one side down will not occur.

The oil cylinder of the tipper is HYVA brand imported from Netherland, its material strength is much higher than ordinary oil cylinder quality, guarantee for one year.

We also have Howo truck head to pull tipper trailer if you are interested.



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