45 Cubic Meters Tipping

Name: 45 Cubic Meters Tipping
Capacity: 30-80tons
Axle: FUWA/BPW/JIII brand
strong axles designed for Africa bad road condition
Suspension: mechanical/air suspension
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Product Details

4 axles dump semi trailer, 45 cubic meters tipping


1. Unload more cleanly. There is no corner of U type cargo box, it is not easy to stick to the box when unloading, and the unloading is cleaner.

2. Light weight. Now common U type dump is using high strength plate, underthe premiseof ensuring the strength of the trailer body, the thickness of the plate is reduced by about 20%, the dump trailer weight is reduced by about 1 ton, effectively improving the load quality utilization coefficient.

3. Strong carrying capacity. High strength steel plate, high yield strength, better impact and fatigue resistance. For users of ore transport, the damage caused by ore stones to bucket can be reduced.

4. Low center of gravity. The center of gravity of the u-shaped structure is lower, so that the ride is smoother, especially in the corners, to avoid falling goods.

5. Save tyres. The U shape bucket can maintain the center of the goods, tires on both sides of the force is more uniform, which is conducive to the improvement of tire life.

Our trailer body and ports are pre-treated with shot blasting to remove rust and eliminate oil, improve surface intensity and painting adhesion. If we plan to shipping trailer, we will spray wax at loading port.

Our company manufacture many kinds of trucks and trailers, such as flatbed trailer, dropside trailer, lowbed trailer, bulk cement tank trailer, fuel tank trailer, dump trailer, truck head, dump truck, oil tank truck, water tank truck, mounted crane truck, concrete mixer truck and so on. If you want to buy truck trailer, welcome to contact me, I will quote you good price according to your transport demand. 


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