Fuel Oil Tank Trailer

FueloOil tank semi trailer is mainly used for transporting fuel, oil, diesel, water, etc different liquid. The capacity is optional, also we accept customized semi trailers. Material of Oil tanker semi trailer can be carbon steel, aluminum alloy, stainless steel (SS304), which is optional.

Product Details

hot selling 3 axles 45000liters fuel oil tank trailer for Malawi market

Fuel oil tank trailers are always comprised of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum and range from 20000liters to 65000liters in size. Though some fuel tanks have only one compartment in which to store fuel, most modern tanks are comprised of four, five or six to allow different freight, or different grades of the same type of product, to be loaded at the same time, if necessary. These trailers are outfitted with large plates extending from side known as baffles, which are comprised with holes, and allow liquid movements to slow during maneuvering such as deceleration and sharp turns. To protect from tank overfill these units have a skully system. They also have a vapor recovery system for cleaner, faster, and safer loading and unloading. Standard loads include diesel, petroleum (gasoline), ethanol, and kerosene.

This is 3 axles 45000liters fuel oil tank trailer for our malawi customer, we design L1 brand air suspension and super single tire according to customer transport demand.

We shipping trailer by Bulk Cargo from Tianjin Port to Dar-es-Salaam Port.

Looking our shipping solutions, we have Bulk Cargo, RORO and Flat Rack for normal capacity fuel oil tank trailer, the length shouldn't more than 11.7meters, in other words, the tank trailer capacity shouldn't more than 54000liters, then we can shipping it by Flat Rack.

We also have many certifications according to European Standard, such as CE, ISO, ADR, DOT and so on. If you are interested in our products, welcome your inquiry!

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