Aluminum Fuel Tanker Trailer

Capacity: 45000 liters Dimension: 11500*2500*4000mm (outside) Tare weight: 7.5T Compartments: 5 compartments Axle: 3 axles FUWA/BPW landing gear:SAF Holland 25T Sspension: spring uspension

Product Details

Hot sale aluminum fuel tanker trailer

Aluminum fuel tanker semi trailer now become more and more popular in Africa. Especially in countries with limited weight, choose aluminum tanker trailer can help them transport more oil than normal carton steel tanker trailer.

Our aluminum tank choose 5182 aluminum as tanker body material which one more durable and more stronger load bearing capacity. Contact carton steel main beam provides better protection of the tank body.

Tri axles luminum oil tank semi trailer


The tank body shape is directly formed by the machine, and it is more consistent with the head and the wave board.The welding in the compartment is more solid, giving you a guarantee of safety in use.


45000 liters fuel tanker trailer


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