Aluminum Fuel Tank Trailer

Aluminum Fuel Tank Trailer

our aluminum fuel tank trailer can transport diesel, kerosene, gasoline, crude oil, alcohol, ethanol, methanol, isobutanol, butanol, isopropanol, isobutyraldehyde, acetone, acetaldehyde, formaldehyde, triethylamine, butyl ether, heptane, dimethylamine solution, xylene, ethylamine and so on, welcome your inquiry!

Product Details

3 axles 40000liters aluminum fuel tank trailer for Thailand's customer

Aluminum fuel tank trailer is more and more popular in the world because of light weight and good condition, especially some countries have weight limited on the road. Such as 3 axles 40000liters aluminum fuel tank trailer's tare weight about 6.5tons, but the normal carbon steel fuel tank trailer will take more than 10tons. We use aluminum tank body, aluminum manhole cover, aluminum discharge pipe, the main beam raw material still is carbon steel to ensure drive stability on bad road. 

If you driving carbon steel tank trailer transport fuel, especially gasoline, the tank body is easy to rust, pollution of oil products, and thus lead to early wear of the car engine; but our aluminum fuel tank trailer can avoid this situation, and can greatly reduce the vehicle weight, improve the transport efficiency.

Fudeng Factory 3 axles 40000liters aluminum fuel tank trailer for Thailand's customer

Fudeng Factory 3 axles 60000liters aluminum fuel tank trailer for Zimbabwe's customer

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Fudeng Factory has many certifications to help you customs clearance in your destination port.

Welcome you visit our factory when you are free, any question can ask me, I am here.

Aluminum Tanker


12500mmx2500mmx3900mm (Customized )


45000 liters

Tanker Body thickness


End Plate thickness


Wave Plate



6 Pcs (Customized)

Manhole Cover

6 Pcs (Customized)

Discharge Values

6 API Value

Discharge Pipes


Bottom Load Value

6 Pcs

Main Beams  

Carbon steel material


3 axles, FUWA/BPW

Landing Gear

SAF Holland 25tons

King Pin

2.00 or 3.5 inch bolt-in king pin


Mechanical or air suspension


12R22.5*12Pcs Double coin brand

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