Why More And More People Would Like Semi Trailer With Air Suspension ?

- Aug 04, 2018-

Why more and more people would like semi trailer with "Air Suspension" ?

In the future semi-trailer will be suspended with air suspension. I think that everyone is not familiar with the word "air suspension". Today, I would like to give you a brief explanation of the advantages of air suspension, and it is also convenient for everyone. A better choice when buying a semi-trailer in the future. As the name suggests, the air suspension is simply a suspension with an air spring as the elastic element. The most obvious feature is the airbag air spring. What are the advantages of air suspension?


Firstly, one of the biggest advantages of light weight air suspension is that it is lighter in weight than traditional leaf spring suspension. This is an important reason for ordinary users to pay attention to air suspension. The lightweight advantages of the suspension are obvious.

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Secondly, the ride is stable. Compared with the lightweight, the use of air-suspended vehicles is more stable. This is more worthy of attention. The elastic coefficient of the air spring is that the soft and hard energy of the spring can be automatically adjusted according to the needs. When the vehicle is driving at a high speed, the air spring is hardened to improve the stability of the vehicle. When the road condition is poor, the air bag becomes soft and improves the comfort of the vehicle. The adjustment of the air bag also ensures that the height of the trailer is constant, which is conducive to the safety of the goods.

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Thirdly, it can be raised and lowered; the lifting can be embodied in two aspects. First, the axle can be lifted by air suspension, which is beneficial to reduce tire wear and fuel economy, and is especially suitable for working conditions with unilateral venting.

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