Why More And More People Choose Aluminum Alloy Tank Semi-trailer?

- Sep 10, 2018-

Why more and more people choose aluminum alloy tank semi-trailer?

I. economy of aluminum alloy oil tank trailer

Adopt aluminum alloy oil tank trailer, because the density of aluminum alloy is small and relative strength is high, so the whole trailer is light in quality, big in load, high in transport efficiency and operation income.

Less fuel consumption, less tire wear and low operating expenses when empty;

After the use of aluminum oil tank semi trailer, recovery of the residual value is relatively high.

II. Safety of aluminum alloy oil tanker trailer

The weight of aluminum alloy tank trailer is lighter, so the center of gravity of the whole trailer is low, not easy to roll over, and the tire wear is less, driving safety is good.

III. Corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy tanker:

Aluminum alloys have excellent corrosion resistance and can form a compact alumina covering on their surface, preventing erosion of atmosphere and moisture, without paint.


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