Welcome Our Senegal Customer Visit Our Factory!

- Aug 14, 2019-

our customer from Senegal visited our factory at last week, his business is between Nigeria and Senegal, transport container from Port to anywhere. If you make business for transportation and logistics, welcome you visit our factory, we manufacture many kind of trailers for your reference, and then we can discuss the specification requirements, our engineer will provide drawing to you.

he needs flatbed semi trailer and side loader container trailer before he coming, I sent him proforma invoice already, but he arrived Guangzhou, so he come to Jinan City check our trailer's quality, we don't let him down because of our trailer quality, price and best service, I will look forward to meet him in the next month in China.

container reach stacker is the one of products he need, we take our customer by car to Xuzhou City visit big container reach stacker, my customer is very happy to meeting with me because we helped him so much.

Fudeng Factory will keep our best service for every customers, welcome you visit our factory!