Use Of The Configuration Of Tanker

- Dec 10, 2015-

Tanker oil and gas recovery system uses:

In the process of loading and unloading, fully closed gas recovery is realized, which restricts the discharge of oil and gas to the atmosphere. Oil tanker through the unloading tubing road unloading, while gas tanks in the gas tank through the back of the pipeline back to the tanker. Oil tanker will be brought back to the oil depot for processing, to achieve the purpose of oil and gas recovery.

Submarine Valve uses:

Sea-bottom Valve series, also known as emergency Shut-off Valve, installed in the bottom of the tank, can replace the traditional mounted refueling to carry out refueling, so that staff more convenient operation, section, Safety and environmental protection. The valve body design a cut-off groove, in the tanker accident, cut off the groove, without affecting the seal of the tank under the premise of the bottom of the car pipe and can cut off, effectively prevent the oil spill in the tank, so as to ensure the safety of oil tanks.

Breath Valve Use:

When the breathing valve is dumped at 70o, the seal ball in the valve is dumped to form an effective seal to prevent the oil from leaking out.

Volume Oil hole Use:

Installed on the manhole cover of the preparatory mouth, can be added to the amount of oil ruler or level meter.

Safety Valve Use:

Designed for tanks, chemical cans and other types of product design, according to user needs to set different opening pressure to meet different needs. The main body is made of stainless steel, corrosion resistance, high sealing, suitable for all kinds of environment.

Anti-overflow sensor:

Application: Anti-overflow electronic sensor is widely applicable to all kinds of container tanks in airtight filling liquid, a safety device for preventing liquid from leaking out and warning in advance, which is installed on the top of the container tank, and when the oil level reaches the warning limit, the sensor will automatically alarm and break the gate.