Why More And More People Like U Shape Dump Trailer?

- Jun 03, 2019-

The dump trailer is suitable for transporting loose cargo, such as coal, ore and building materials. Dump trailer can be divided into two categories according to their purposes: on the one hand category belongs to the heavy and super-heavy dump semi-trailers used for non-road transport, which mainly undertake the transport tasks of large mines and project, and is usually used together with excavators; on the other hand kind belongs to the light and medium-sized common dump truck used for road transport, which mainly undertakes the transport of sand, soil and coal, and is usually used together with the loader.

The advantage of U shape dump trailer:

1. Unload more cleanly

There is no corner of U type cargo box, it is not easy to stick to the box when unloading, and the unloading is cleaner.

2. Light weight

Our common dump trailers are strengthened by thickening steel. U shaped cargo boxes reduce their dead weight through structural optimization. Now common U type dump is using high strength plate, underthe premiseof ensuring the strength of the trailer body, the thickness of the plate is reduced by about 20%, the dump trailer weight is reduced by about 1 ton, effectively improving the load quality utilization coefficient.

3. Strong carrying capacity

High strength steel plate, high yield strength, better impact and fatigue resistance. For users of ore transport, the damage caused by ore stones to bucket can be reduced.

4. Low center of gravity

The center of gravity of the u-shaped structure is lower, so that the ride is smoother, especially in the corners, to avoid falling goods.

5. Save tyres

U shape bucket can maintain the center of the goods, tires on both sides of the force is more uniform, which is conducive to the improvement of tire life.

U shape dump trailer has a low center of gravity, lifting the car is not easy to roll over. The frame and carriage have obtained the national patent, and the main beam adopts 14/8/16mm or design heavy duty beam according to your cargo capacity, which greatly increases the bearing strength. The center of gravity is reduced to 1.3-1.4 meters, which is not easy to roll over in the delivery, and at the same time, the damage of tires, plate spring and frame is reduced a lot. For more details, welcome to inquiry.