Safety Device Of Natural Gas Trailer

- Jul 15, 2017-

The design of the safety device of the natural gas transport vehicle is very important. Safety devices mainly include three aspects: adiabatic, prevent overpressure and eliminate the possibility of burning (forbidden, oil, eliminate static electricity).

Adiabatic mode

The explosion limit of natural gas in air is 5%n15%, which belongs to flammable and explosive gas, and also belongs to cryogenic medium. Therefore, the natural gas transport vehicle should adopt low-temperature insulation structure. The main insulation methods of natural gas transport vehicles are vacuum powder adiabatic, high vacuum multi-layer insulation and so on. The principle of selecting adiabatic type is economical, efficient, adiabatic and simple in construction.

Safety valve Device

In the design of cryogenic field, there must be two sets of two-way system of safety valve installed on the tank, and set the switch. When one of the safety valve needs to be replaced or repaired, you can switch to another safety valve, and at least a set of safety valve in use. In cryogenic systems, the risk of safety valve failure to open in time due to freezing should be taken seriously. The safety valve freezes mostly is because the valve is leaking, the low-temperature medium continuously through the valve body causes, generally may through the visual inspection safety valve whether freezes or frosting to judge. Once this situation is found, the safety valve should be removed in time to eliminate internal leakage faults.

Flame arrester

In order to transport the safety, in addition to the safety valve in the transport vehicle also has the road transportation relief valve. A device vent valve is installed on the gas pipeline of the transport vehicle as the first safety protection, the pressure in the tank can be raised to the pressure of releasing the tank before opening pressure of the safe valve, which protects the tank body and avoids the safety valve action. In the discharge pipe on the road need to set the flame arrester, flame resistant ceramic ring. When the vent is on fire, high-temperature ceramic ring can prevent flame from channeling, play a role in blocking the flame, the protection of equipment safety.