Safe Operation Of Tanker

- Jul 16, 2013-

1. Tankers should be equipped with special fire extinguishers, and should be installed to drag the subway chain and avoid poles. When driving, drag the subway chain should contact the ground, refueling or oil, must be inserted into the damp.

2. Oil tank refueling hole should be tightly sealed, oil discharge valve, put tubing should be free of leakage, oil tank vent should be unblocked, oil pump feed filter should be often cleaned, the oil-filled glue should be immediately installed on both ends of the joint lid, no dirty things into.

3. The carburetor and exhaust pipe of the internal combustion engine shall not have tempering. The exhaust pipe should be installed in front of the vehicle.

4. The staff of the tanker must not wear the shoes with nails. Smoking in the vicinity of the oil tank is strictly prohibited.

5. Park, should be away from the fire, hot season should choose to park in the shade. In a thunderstorm, you must not park under the tree or the High-voltage line. When driving in the middle of the park, should have special care.

6. In the maintenance process, if the operator needs to enter the oil tank, is strictly prohibited to carry the fire, and must have a reliable security measures, can be outside the tank must be supervised.

7. All electrical devices on the vehicle must be well insulated and are strictly prohibited from sparking.

8. When the tank sedimentation tank is frozen, it is prohibited to roast with fire, hot water, steam melting, or the car into the greenhouse thaw.

9. Under the vehicle for maintenance, maintenance, the internal combustion engine should be shut down, tighten the hand brake and the wheel wedged prison.

10. When a vehicle is repaired, it shall be driven by a qualified officer and shall not be manned or loaded on the vehicle, and the commissioning licence issued by the Traffic Management department shall be suspended when it is required to be tested on the road.

11. Park on the ramp, downhill parking should be linked to reverse gear, uphill parking should be hung on a stall, and should use triangular wood wedge, such as stuffed tires.