How To Reduce Your Dump Semi Trailers Shipping Cost?

- Mar 21, 2018-

Our factory have the U shape and Square shape dump tipper semi trailers.The trailers bucket volume is about 15-45Cubic meters.We have the experienced engineers design Your trailers more durable and safety to meet Your transport demand.If You need the large volume tipping semi trailers.We will design the square shape trailers for You.Tell me Your request.We design for You!Call:+86 15689714169

Some customers purchase the tipper truck trailers from China.They Always pay the lagre shipping cost for their dump truck trailers. But If you purchase from us.Our experienced shipping company will provide you the best program.

How to reduce tipper semi trailers shipping cost?

Shipping By 40HQ containers is very cheaper than the Bulk cargo and RO-RO Shipping.We export Total 10sets Tri axle tipper trailers to Vietnam market.Remove the trailer box and Hyva hydraulic cylinder.Put the chassis and box and cylinder Into the containers for Shipping.Customers are very Satisfied with the cheaper shipping cost.

If you purchase the tipper semi trailers But worry about the large shipping cost.You can contact me.We can assist You.Call:+86 15689714169


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