How To Operate And Maintain Your Semi-trailer?

- Jul 04, 2018-

How to operate and maintain your semi-trailer?

Actually, for the operation of vehicles, trailer and tractor are equally important.

So how should the semi-trailer operate correctly, and what should be noted when using the trailer?

  1. The traction height of semi-trailer must be matched with the size of traction pin, front turning radius and clearance radius, etc., and shall be checked before connecting.

  2. Carefully check whether there is any sand, dust or other foreign matter on the tractor saddle working face and traction pin of semi-trailer, and whether there is enough lubricating grease on the traction skateboard.

  3. The semi-trailer braking system shall not be used alone for a long time.

  4. Loading quality should be judged correctly and overloading should not be allowed

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