How To Make Your Bulk Cement Tanker Trailer With A Long Service Life?

- Mar 13, 2018-

How to make your bulk cement tanker trailer with a long service life?

Fudeng bulk cement semi trailer/ bulk powder tank trailer/ cement bulker trailer/ lime powder road transport trailer are sold to all over the world. A wide range of Cement Trailer with different specification and different capacities such as cement trailers; v type cement trailer , stainless cement trailer can be provided per different clients requirements.

Make your bulk cement tnanker trailer with a long service life

1) Do not speed and overpressure when driving the cement truck in bulk. Excessive speed and overpressure can seriously damage the air compressor.

The maximum speed of the machine is shown in the main technical parameter table, and the working pressure is 0.2mpa.

2)Do not start or stop the air compressor quickly, but slowly increase or decelerate, otherwise, the impact pressure will damage the air compressor.

3)Do not stop the air compressor before decompression, otherwise, the powder material may flow backward into the cylinder, causing serious damage to the air compressor.

4)  To check and clean the oil filter. Normal conditions are checked and cleaned once every quarter. If the machine usage rate is high, it should be checked and cleaned once a month.

5)  Need to check the oil standard before starting. The oil level must not be lower than the lower limit of the oil standard; always check whether the oil pump is supplied with oil. If it is not supplied with oil, it shall be shut down immediately for inspection. Otherwise, the lack of oil will seriously damage the air pressure.

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