How To Maintain Howo Concrete Mixer Truck?

- May 22, 2019-

As a transport vehicle, the concrete mixing truck must carry out the maintenance system of "regular inspection, compulsory maintenance and depending on the situation" in terms of maintenance and repair.In this major premise, combined with the concrete mixing truck's actual situation, make a good job in maintenance and repair. 


Since concrete can solidify into hard blocks in a short time and is corrosive to steel and paint, it is necessary to wash and clean the concrete adhered to the concrete tank and inlet and outlet of the concrete tank after each use.These include:

A.Wash the inlet with water before each loading to keep the inlet wet during loading.

B.Fill the built-in cleaning water tank with water at the same time of loading.

C.After loading, rinse the inlet and clean the residual concrete near the inlet.

D.After unloading at the site, flush out the discharge tank, and then add 30 -- 40 L of cleaning water into the concrete tank;Keep the concrete tank moving forward at a slow speed on the return journey.

E.Remember to discharge the waste water from the concrete tank before loading next time.

F.Wash the concrete tank and inlet and outlet thoroughly at the end of each day to ensure no cement and concrete agglomeration.

As long as the above work is not carried out seriously once, it will bring great trouble to the future work.