How To Lift Cylinder Of Dump Tipper Trailer Properly?

- Nov 26, 2019-

How to lift cylinder of dump tipper trailer properly?

In order to give full play to the best effect of the oil cylinder and ensure the safety of the dump trailer, please follow the dump trailer lifting operation rules.

1. The front lift oil cylinder dump trailer can only be used as a lifting device, not as a support structure.

2. In the lifting state, the oil cylinder should be exposed to moist air for no more than 30 minutes.

3. Hold the air control valve handle in the "down" position for about 30 seconds after the body returns to the drop position.

4. Do not use the emergency brake for unloading, or it will seriously damage the vehicle, hydraulic cylinder or other hydraulic parts.

5. Do not use reverse gear when unloading. Reverse rotation of force extractor and oil pump may cause damage to oil pump and oil seal.

6, the engine speed is too high will cause insufficient oil supply, damage the hydraulic pump and cylinder.

7. When the hydraulic system should be stopped, please separate the force extractor.

8. Do not lift the oil cylinder when the dump trailer is off-loaded or under other abnormal conditions.

9. Do not drop down dump trailer during lifting heavy capacity.

10. Do not drive when the air control valve handle is in the "down" position.

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