How To Choose Good Quality Bulk Cement Tank Trailer?

- Nov 28, 2019-

Bulk cement tanker trailer is a special trailer for the transportation of large quantities of dust materials (bulk cement). It is suitable for the transportation and pneumatic unloading of powder dry materials with particle diameter less than 0.1mm, such as fly ash, cement, lime powder and ore powder.

The tank body of the powder and particle material transport truck adopts the double-cone internal inclination horizontal structure, the double-tube intake, the double-tube feeding, the discharging speed and the residual rate all meet the requirements of the industry standard.

So, how to choose a good quality bulk cement tank trailer? Please follow professional trailer manufacturer.

1. let's see diesel engine and air compressor first, it adopts the non-lubricated swing air compressor produced by the domestic first-class auto parts manufacturers, Wuhu FuDa or YanBian Bohai famous brand. Small size, light weight, matching speed, easy to install on the trailer; large displacement, oil-free gas; can adapt to dust environment and field environment, reliable and basically maintenance-free, Wechai brand 4102 model diesel engine work together.

2. JOST brand landing gear, E100 model, 28tons lift capacity with linkage, max. payload 80tons duty

3. we install 3 axles 12 tyres with mechanical suspension, BPW famous brand axles, 12.00R24 durable tires and 90mm(W)*13mm(T)*10pcs leaf spring design for Africa bad road condition

4. the bulk cement tanker trailer chassis use today's advanced equipment technology, air suspension device, reduce the vibration impact of the road to the vehicle, the transportation process due to vibration, will cause the mutual friction between the particles of the dry mortar and other components, the friction between the inner wall of the tank and the material and promote the segregation.

5. the cans and metal accessories are shot blasted, sprayed with polymer primer and quality topcoat,  strong adhesion, good corrosion resistance, uniform air grinding, long-lasting color, and can withstand adverse environments such as moisture, dust and salt spray. will not problems for cracking, peeling, fading, etc., improves the aesthetics , prevents corrosion.

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