Heating Technology Of Oil Tanker

- Dec 26, 2017-

In the storage and transportation of oil and gas, oil tanker is used to store and transport. When oil is needed, the oil is exported from the oil tank. In the process of oil output, unavoidably encountered such a problem, oil because of low temperature, become viscous to reduce the fluidity of oil, resulting in oil can not be smooth from the oil tank output, encountered such a problem, how to solve it? The new technique of local rapid heating of oil tank solves such problems very well.

The working principle of the oil tank local quick heater:

The "Eddy current heat-film heat exchanger" extends radially through the tank to the bottom of the tank, the thermal medium (steam) is Chengnede, the oil is flowing from the shell to the tube, and the shell suction port is connected directly to the tank medium.

The steam inlet of the heat exchanger is provided with a temperature control valve, and the temperature of the oil outlet is controlled by the sensing temperature probe, thus ensuring the constant temperature of the oil.