FUDENG 4 Lines 8 Axle Extra Heavy Equipment Transport Lowboy Semi Trailer

- Mar 23, 2018-

FUDENG AUTOMOBILE is specialized in manufacturing semi trailers with over 25 years experience. One client found us and told us they want to haul extra heavy cargo by lowboy semi trailer, the max payload should be 150 Tons. It's not difficult to bulild this extra heavy duty lowboy semi trailer, the difficult thing is to be designed at good quality, safe and suitable to customer's loading requirements. Client needs to haul the abnormal cargo, mostly the weight ranges from 100tons to 150 tons. It will bring damage to the tractor fifth wheel if the cargo is too heavy for the long term usage. 

So our engineer figure out the idea that we can design the king pin can be adjusted regarding the height. The adjustable height of the king pin can protect not only the tractor fifth wheel but also with the gooseneck of the lowboy semi trailer.

Now our specially designed special trailer - lowboy semi trailer has been delivered to client, and drving on Africa's road. 

If you have any requirements please feel free to contact Rebecca Tang with WhatsApp/Tel: +8617686626883 or Email: rebecca@fudengtrailer.com

Rebecca Tang