Four Advantages Of Container Truck

- May 10, 2017-

1. Simplified loading and unloading operations: containers in transit, just dress, do not need to flip, greatly simplified the loading and unloading operations, to facilitate the implementation of mechanical loading and unloading. The replacement of containers in general takes only a few minutes, shortening the waiting time for loading and unloading, increasing labor productivity and speeding up the turnover of goods and vehicles.

2. Save the packaging costs: as the goods are loaded directly into the container, without flip. Therefore, no need to separate the goods packaging, saving the cost of packaging.

3. Reduced damage and poor goods: as the entire transport process, the container itself is a solid packaging. Only the initial transport and final transport to open the container loading and unloading goods, the intermediate links of the container cargo without flip, so the goods are not easily damaged and lost. Container transport can reduce the stolen, damp, defaced and other damage caused by cargo and goods, well received by shippers and shipping companies, and due to the reduction of cargo damage, reduce the waste of social wealth, but also has great social benefits.

4. Reduced overall transport costs: because the container loading and unloading is basically not affected by the bad weather, the ship unproductive berthing time shortened, and due to high loading and unloading efficiency, shorten the loading time, for the shipping company, can improve the navigation rate, reduce the shipping costs, to the port, can improve the capacity of the berth, thereby increasing throughput, Increase income.