Aluminum Fuel Tank Semi Trailer With One Compartment Five Wave Plate For Long Distance Transporting

- Mar 15, 2018-

One client is doing business for transporting fuel oil cross boarder among several countries in Africa. Because the client has highest requirement for the good quality of the fuel tnak semi trailer and care the transport cost and maintenance cost. 

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There are mainly three points that clients care: Tare Weight, Maintanence and Price. According to clients requirements we recommand and designed our clients the Aluminum Alloy Tank Body and Carbon Steel Chassis Fuel Tank Semi Trailer with One Compartment with Five Wave Plates. Our advantages as below:

  1.   Aluminum Alloy Tank Body has lighter tare weight than carbon steel tank boy;

  2. Aluminum Alloy Tank Body don't need to paint on the outside, for long distance cross boarder transport, the shining surface is easy to maintain, and no need to repaint after several years usage, save lots of maintenance cost for customers;

  3. One compartment with five wave plates design because our clients only need to transport one type of petrol oil using this fuel tank semi trailer. One compartment with five wave plates design to protect the liquid oil from flowing, reduce the danger when transporting;

  4. We also installed the vapor recovery system for clients to reduce the risk when transporting;

  5. Carbon Steel material chassis is adopted because we think about our clients cost, using carbon steel one aspect is the increase the stability and strength of the semi trailer, and one is to decrease our clients cost.

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