45FT Length Container Semi Trailer Cut Off Ship By 40HQ Container. FUDENG Made It!

- Mar 16, 2018-

We received one inquiry from clients that they need our factory to produce customized Flatbed Container Semi Trailer with 45ft length, because they need to tranposrt 20ft, 40ft and 45ft length container. 

The point is that there is no bulk cargo ship to our clients' port, and the freight by RORO is extremly expensive. Our engineer advise the client to adopt the solution that cut off the rear part to put TWO sets of semi trailer into ONE set 40HQ Container. That's really great!

And here is the difficult thing that 45fe lenght is too long, if we cut off from the rear, there are almost 2.3 meters from the rear to be cut off! What a chanllenge thing! Our engineer said we must design the best semi trailers to our customers! We can do it!

After over and over revise and confirm with the clients, finally we made it! We test hundreds and thousands times to make sure the design keep clent's semi trailers at good qualtiy when transport, even after 10 years use!

Now those flatbed semi trailers and skeletal semi trailers are playing their role in clients country. It's so excited to satisfy our clients every requirements!

More information please contact Rebecca Tang at Phone/Whatsapp: +8617686626883

Email: rebecca@fudengtrailer.com