Congratulation! 4 Axles Extendable Flatbed Trailer Finish Production!

- Sep 20, 2019-

Fudeng Factory finished production of extendable flatbed trailer today, ready shipping to our Myanmar customer now. This is 4 axles flatbed trailer, it can extend from 13meters to 25meters. 

1.There have container locks at floor, you can transport 2*20ftor 1*40ft container before extending. 

2.We can design the extend length according to your transport demand. Our customer want to transport 25 meters wind turbine blade, so our engineer design to extend to 25 meters.

3.Our engineer design twice extend for this trailer, front and rear both can extend.

Our factory has rigid quality inspection department, we test capacity of trailer before shipping.

If you are interested in our products, welcome you contact my whatsapp number: +8618766138598.