Low Deck Truck Trailer

tri axles low deck semi trailer,payload 60 to 100 tons,widely used to carrying excavator, crane and other heavy duty
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Low deck truck trailer

Shandong Fudeng Automobile Co., Ltd as China high quality semi-trailer manufacturer, we offer 2 axles to 4 axles low loader semi-trailer, payload 40  to 120T to meet customers different need. Also provide multi line-axle low bed semi trailer for your choose.

Lowbed trailer widely used to carrying excavator, carne, bulldozer ect. Our low loader trailer use durable Q345 carton steel, other parts all use famous brand, for example, FUWA brand axle, JOST brand landing gear, so on.

Our standard cargo plane dimension is 9000* 3000*1550 mm, we offer custom service, can according to your requirements design the dimension

3 axles low bed semi trailer cargo plane dimension widened to 34000 mm


We offer you two different ways to widen it for you to choose from.


100 tons mechianical ramp lowbed semi trailer