Low Deck Semi Trailer

Low Deck Semi Trailer

3 axles low deck semi trailer can load 40-80tons heavy duty, customized loading deck dimension depend on your transport demand, strong axles and durable tires suit for bad road condition in Africa, welcome your inquiry, our engineer can provide best solution for your reference.

Product Details

3 axles 80tons low deck semi trailer with dropside and widened device

about our low deck semi trailer, it's customized according to your demand.

we can provide 2/3/4/5/6 axles from 30-100tons capacity depend on your machine and equipments, of course, we can install the widened device from 10-50cm if your machine is very big. 

our engineer design the dropside on gooseneck and loading deck make it become utility low deck semi trailer, aequilate gooseneck will be better to transport heavy equipments.


we also product High-Low-High type 3 axles 80tons low deck semi trailer for your reference.

our engineer design reinforce the gooseneck to keep strong and durable for low deck semi trailer.

Reinforce the gooseneck_副本

15cm widened device will be better to transport big machine, increase the loading deck width.


welcome you visit our factory see all of trailers production, any question can ask me, thankyou.


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