Detachable Gooseneck Lowbed Trailer

Detachable Gooseneck Lowbed Trailer

Detachable gooseneck lowbed trailers feature a king-pin gooseneck that stays attached to the tractor truck and detaches from the main trailer deck, providing a means to load and unload large equipment.It can load 30-100tons according to your transport demand, customized trailer will be your best choice, wecome your inquiry!

Product Details

FUDENG customized capacity detachable gooseneck lowbed trailer

"Detachable Gooseneck Trailers" are a form of double deck lowbed trailer that are designed to haul all types of heavy equipment. Ease and safety of loading are the primary features.  Loading over the rear of a trailer increases in danger as the equipment gets heavier, taller and wider.  The higher weights and higher center of gravity on today's supersized construction, agricultural, and forestry equipment demand that both the loading height and transport height be significantly lower than our lowbed trailers.

detachable gooseneck lowbed trailer's hydraulic power station is JAC brand 12KW diesel engine


hydraulic detachable gooseneck is easy to drive machine and equipment on loading deck by front ramp

front loading deck is customized dimension(length and width) depend on your transport demand, we also can design widened device if you need wider platform

about axles and tires, it's optional for our customers. we use 16 tons AN brand axle and TRIANGLE brand tire with 11.00R20 model, load 80 tons heavy duty machine.

welcome you visit our factory, we have 24 hours online service to provide solutions for every customers

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