40ft Container Semi Trailer

This is a type of trailer used to transport common cargo or container. If you are transporting a container, you will need a container lock on the trailer. Typically, it is a lightweight construction made of high-strength structural members that can be used together with a tractor truck.

Product Details

The semi-flatbed trailer is useful in its own way in that it is designed to provide a special, lightweight semi-trailer vehicle that enhances the load capacities.

With the enhanced suspension, the cargo on transit is secured safely to prevent any damage. Generally this type of trailer can easily and quickly be maneuvered and loaded based on standard loading procedures.

Semi flatbed trailer usefulness is made possible through the pair of longitudinal support beam sections, usually spaced apart in a parallel arrangement.

These extend forward from the back section of the trailer towards a wall position to the front in a perpendicular sense to the support beams.

flatbed semi trailer

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