Fence Cargo Trailer

3 axles 60tons fence cargo semi trailer, it can transport 20ft and 40ft container and loose cargo, we can design the side wall and fence height dimension according to your transport demand, it will be utility trailer for your business.
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Product Details

customized 3 axles 60tons fence cargo semi trailer for sale

The Fence Cargo truck semitrailers are mainly suitable for the mid/Long distance transportation of fruits, vegetable,rice and the agricultural cargo and so on. 

---In order to reduce the trailer tare weight,we design the trailer structure according to the user's transporting cargo. The lightest weight of our trailer can be signed to 5.6t.Our trailer can creat more profit value in the case of meeting the load.

---The chassis is ladder type,longitudinal beam section is H-shaped. It has good rigidity and high strength.

--- High Quality Body and high-tensile steel for heavy loading capacity with lighter kerb weight.

--- BPW, FUWA or Certificated Chinese Axles

---ABS brake system

---WABCO Vehicle Control System

---JOST ,FUWA or Chinese brand parking leg and king pin

---Air and Mechanical Suspension

---Strengthen the Chassis Instructure

FD brand thickened toolbox with stainless steel hidden lock, it can put some tools and parts.

We use trengthen and thicken the mechanical suspension, 90mm(width)*16mm(thickness)*10 pcs leaf spring, heavy duty 14tons JIII axles for bad road condition, double tires can load more capacity

Customized fence and side wall height dimension according to customer transport demand, we will send you drawing to confirm with you, and then start our production.

Welcome you visit our factory when you are free, we can give you best solution depend on your requirements.

About shipping terms, we have bulk cargo, roll-roll, flat rack and Container. we will choose the best one that can save much freight cost for every customer, we are professional truck trailer team, so that we have more than 20 years experience on product, sale and serive, our quality department focus on main details, such as main beam, axles and suspension.