Fence Cargo Semi Trailer

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Product Details

  1. The body shape and fence structure design combines with users' cargo series. Reasonable design reduces the weight of vehicles, which can meet more cargo carrying. Simple and applicable structure, convenient disassemble ability can save investment cost and create more profits.

  2. The space frame structure is welded by the longitudinal beam and integral penetration beam. It can balance the strength, rigidity,toughness. Strong bearing capacity without permanent deformation. 

  3. Series stake semi-truck all use integral penetration beam. Longitudinal beam adopts flat or swan-neck style.

  4. Adopted new suspension system leads strong strength and high impacting resistance. Each axle has a balanced load. Angle of system tie-rod is designed reasonably, making less friction and slip distance between tires and ground during the process of frequently running.


Remove side wall, shipping by bulk cargo ship or Ro-ro ship


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