Side Loader Container Trailer

Side Loader Container Trailer

the container side lifter gives you the possibility of working in limited space conditions. The original leg over option has particularly been designed and proven against failure during both loading and offloading operations in restricted spaces. Through this capability, you can easily place your container against a wall.

Product Details

China Manufacturer 3 axles 40ft side loader container trailer

A container side lifter is a type of specialized semi-trailer that is used to hoist and transport standard containers over long distances. Also known as a container side loader, this trailer is basically used for container transfer. It comprises of lift modules or cranes that are installed to the trailer chassis. These lifting components can also be fitted onto a sub-frame usually mounted on a truck. The lift modules for the trailer are usually made of quality and proven high-tensile steel needed to provide enough strength capabilities. They include outstanding features like the wide reach stabilizer jibs and leg controlled through a hydraulic unit that can either be powered from power take off (PTO) system of the tractor or from an Auxiliary Power Unit (APU).

3 axles 40ft side loader container trailer for sale, it can load 2*20ft and 1*40ft container. These are hydraulically powered cranes that lift the cargo/container either from the ground, another vehicle, a loading dock, a railway wagon or straight from the top of another container placed on the ground from any other platform as listed above. Lifting is possible on and off the chassis. The cranes are normally located at the top of the Sidelifter Chassis and are usually able to move along the chassis that is being shifted through the hydraulic motors or the hydraulic cylinders in order to load different container and cargo lengths.


Sinotruk Howo 8*4 side loader container truck, power by tractor truck. This is used to pull the trailer. 

In some scenarios, it supplies power via the PTO. This accessory also supplies compressed air for the brakes 

in the wheels of the side lifter. Usually, the side lifter cannot be operated without connecting it to the tractor. 

This is so because even though the power pack is carried by the side lifter, the tractor provides the 

much-needed compressed air for use on the trailer brakes and also extra stability during the lifting operations. 




Side Lifting RH Std or LH Std

Max. Lift capacity


Max. working range

4000 mm

Max. stabilizer outreach

3200 mm

Design Standard

GB/T 3811-2008

Container type

40 foot


High Tensile Steel

Optimum Gap Trailer to Container

400 mm

Maximum Gap Trailer to Container

1500 mm

Hydraulic System 

Hydraulic Direction Control Valves


Max. pressure of hydraulic system

28 MPa

Electrical Control System

Remote Control 

NBB Germany




Cable carrier



Pump to link truck and crane

XP80 Hydro Leduc France   XP80

At the same times, we have 40ft flatbed semi trailer too. 

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