Side Lifter Container Trailer

Side Lifter Container Trailer

The conatiner side-lifter is a tough constructiion that makes it a reliable equipment with minimal maintenance requirements. It is capable of handling container movements on any type of terrain and that incudes on a low cost dry terminal.

Product Details

        You can transport your containers anywhere and anytime via road. The ability to operate independently without requiring support of other equipment during loading and offloading operations makes it possible to transport containers by road. Double stacking containers. Now that they can work well in restricted space areas, the container side lifter can safely and quickly stack fully loaded 20ft and 40ft containers on top of each other. Operation costs- With the container side lifter, costs of operation are greatly reduced. This is so because the container and not the trailer is normally left with the customer. In many occasions, the customer stays behind with the trailer, which is an unproductive way of using an equipment. For the container side lifter, it is productive throughout the day loading, transporting and offloading containers from one job to the other. A container side lifter can be used to transport many other cargo other than just the containers. It can handle industrial equipment, specialized containers such as portable buildings, fuel containers and so on.


We can install BPW, FUWA, JIII and other brand axle according to your demand, tires model is optional too, our trucks and trailers are customized, welcome your inquiry!




Side Lifting RH Std or LH Std

Max. Lift capacity


Max. working range

4000 mm

Max. stabilizer outreach

3200 mm

Design Standard

GB/T 3811-2008

Container type

40 foot


High Tensile Steel

Optimum Gap Trailer to Container

400 mm

Maximum Gap Trailer to Container

1500 mm

Hydraulic System 

Hydraulic Direction Control Valves


Max. pressure of hydraulic system

28 MPa

Electrical Control System

Remote Control 

NBB Germany




Cable carrier



Pump to link truck and crane

XP80 Hydro Leduc France   XP80

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